"Never underestimate the power of
character or the power of example."

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Leadership . . . Ethics . . . Character . . .

The Power of Character
As individuals and organizations we underestimate the power of character and the influence that a leader of character has on his or her followers and vice versa. This presentation is aimed at everyone in every field of work and life. It will reveal that we are the architects of our own character and with that character how we can build trust, which constructs relationships that enhance influence, success and happiness.
In Search of Ethics reinforces the message by providing life-affirming examples of individuals of good character in all walks of life.

Leadership that Dares to Inspire
Motivation brings positive results, however inspiration energizes the human spirit and enables you and your organization to soar to new heights. Learning and practicing these inspiring practices will compound your effectiveness, influence and gratification.

The Leadership Principle That Can Change Organizations and Cultures
"Leadership is a life force with the power to change people, organizations, systems, institutions, countries and cultures. Leadership is vision, it is energy and it is transformational." This presentation demonstrates the integral components that provide oxygen to the soul and reveals how to inspire superior performance and enthusiastic loyalty.

The Leadership Equation
Caring, competence and character form the essence of enduring leadership. Exploring how these three components complement, optimize and synergize, this presentation seeks to inspire you to new heights of influence and effectiveness.
TO LEAD IS TO SERVE . . . a great companion piece discussing the core essentials of Caring, Competence and Character

Character – The Heart of Leadership
Competence and character provide the framework for all effective leaders however, character is at the cornerstone of successful leadership. This presentation describes the why and how of integrating character and competence in an optimal manner.

Transcending From Success to Significance
How does one describe success and does that truly define enduring happiness? Deep inside, each of us has a deeper and more meaningful purpose for our lives and this presentation will show you how to surface and serve that purpose in a way that makes a difference in your sphere of influence.

Transcending to a Higher Purpose
To fully maximize our energy and our effectiveness each of us needs a fulfilling purpose and a level of contribution that brings the best out of us and out of all whom we touch.

The Legacy of Wealth and Character
While leaving a legacy of wealth is certainly admirable, it can be argued that leaving a legacy of character is more valuable and enduring. This presentation explores the relationship between wealth and character and will enable you to understand the impact each has upon our legacy.

The Winning Combination - The Making of a Top Producer
The qualities that make for a successful leader, a trusted friend or a top producer are quite similar. This presentation emphasizes the importance of integrating caring, character, competence and inspiration to achieve optimal performance and meaningful relationships.

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